Innovation for the paint industry

The pioneer for the paint industry

The pioneer for the paint industry

With the 1-lane rotary-type bucket filler GRUNWALD-ROTARY XXL Grunwald makes a major contribution to an extended shelf life and the sterility of the paints of our customer Meffert AG. The format-flexible machine design allows to handle different packaging materials within a changeover time of less than three minutes. When designing the machine, a user-friendly operation such as the optimum access and ergonomics when loading the packaging materials also played an important role. Costs and expenditure of time are reduced considerably. Compared to the traditional bucket filling machines of the paint industry the production output can be increased by up to 30 %.

Our customer Meffert AG is the first producer of paint who can now advertise their products with the slogan

„Never again small dried pieces of paint in the fresh paint!“

The adhesion of paint on the lid which has been a problem in various industrial sectors was finally solved in mutual development work and with the delivery of the fully-automatic bucket filling and closing machine GRUNWALD-ROTARY XXL.


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