Pfiad di Anton

Pfiad di Martin


Dear Anton

After more than 4 decades of you being a sensational part of Grunwald, the time has come to say “Goodbye”. 41 years of service is an incredibly remarkable and unique achievement.

Just as remarkable and unique has been your work. When you started at Grunwald we were still a small sales agency with about 8 employees. From the very beginning you took on great responsibility and a level of commitment second to none. This has remained a constant during your career with us. As Sales Manager and later Sales Director (with authorised signatory responsibility) you have made decisive and innovative contributions to the incredible growth and reputation of Grunwald.

We thank you for your openness and helpfulness and your unbelievable commitment. You have been a constant, approachable source for us all to learn from. Every trip and event was memorable mainly thanks to your humour and good nature. There was lots to laugh about - it was a really great time together.

The fact you always felt comfortable as part of the Grunwald family is a source of pride for us. Equally you can feel real pride about your extremely successful working life and the legacy you leave. Now you can look forward to the next well-deserved phase of your life.

We look forward to visits and want to thank you very much. See you again, Anton.

Your GRUNWALD family


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